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We have one planet, and we will not have that long if we do not take care of it. There are so many innovative solutions to the global problem, and on these shows, we will be bringing you those who are consciously making a global difference.

From technologies to innovative food growing, we will share the ideas and solutions that will not only save our planet for years to come but also help us in our daily activities to do our part.

If you know of anyone or an organization who is sustaining the world in any way, invite them to share their how here.

This Weeks Featured Show…

ECO 18-42 Let’s Get Sync’d with “Purenessity” and Robert Gierke - ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Robert  Gierke, on air from October 16th Robert AKA SOUL-ar bear has got Sync’d! part of  Synchronistory My true purpose is to drive consciousness development and to help businesses make a positive impact globally. Being a global citizen, having a business background and speaking 6 languages I want to … Continue reading ECO 18-42 Let’s Get Sync’d with “Purenessity” and Robert Gierke
ECO 18-41 EVOLving Flow of Global Energy - ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Mila Popovich, on air from October 9th Let’s Get SYNC’D! Series PRESENTS…. MILA POPOVICH is the Founder of EVOLving Leadership – program, consultancy and community for transformational leadership on the scale of personal excellence, organizational development, systemic innovation to planetary path-finding. Mila develops and furthers the potential of … Continue reading ECO 18-41 EVOLving Flow of Global Energy

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Climate Change has brought us to our knees …Changing the Emotional Climate can bring us to our senses …
Welcome to a Self Discovery Radio TV on Eco Solutions series about this sustainable new  “Al Gore-rhythm” for an environMentally friendly world 🙂

ECOISM Because Normal is over (1)

Renée Scheltema  Documentary Filmmaker/Producer with her movie “Normal is over” Teams up with host Sara Troy to bring a series on the saving of our planet.


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