Raising Our Gifted Children

Our children are our gifts to us, we are their custodians, their guides and nurturers, it is a privilege to be a parent. It is also a challenge and one we do not need to do alone. 

Here you will find shows on raising our children and listening to hear and hearing to speak.

Each guest has brought to us their skills and tools that they have learnt first hand to help us honour the role of parenthood. Their wisdom is priceless and profound and unites us as a global village in parenting. 

This Week On …

RC 18-12 Sole Girls, strong and confidence for their future. - Raising Our Gifted Children  with Sara Troy and her guest Ashley Wiles, on air from March 20th  Sole Girls is empowerment through physical activity and mentorship Strong, healthy confident, inclusive girls make strong leaders and stronger communities. Using creative running games, Sole Girls empowers girls ages 6 through 12 with tools to develop healthy ideas about … Continue reading RC 18-12 Sole Girls, strong and confidence for their future.



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