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Self Discovery's Podcast Guest

You have chosen to share your wisdom to inspire our audience.

This Network is dedicated to your stories, your abundance that you share with the world, with a full library of wisdom here on Self Discovery Radio TV, your show never dies and we will keep on nurturing it for all those who choose to hear it. 

We are a radio/TV- blog network airing new shows every Tuesday-Monday, and making available your archived shows easy to find. Your show will be featured in the topic genre and if it covers a few genres, will also be placed in other show genres.

Your show with Sara Troy and is an hour long (always allow longer for tech reasons) We give you a full show page on your company profile, the topic info, your bio and pictures, your promo video and all media links. The Video Podcast of the interview is all on your show page on the air date.

In order to give you full coverage and represent your brand and message, we desire the following things from you.

Date and time for the interview will be discussed with your publicist and an air date set.

Date and Time of interview. ________________________________________________________

Air Date. ______________________________________________

Your Name and company.


Topic Genre.


A Jpeg picture of you.


A Blurb on the topic at hand. Word Doc, not PDF, please. A Suggested Topic Title.


Your bio that speaks to who you are. Word Doc, not PDF, please.


Your book URLs link and a jpeg picture of the cover if you have one.


Outline of your program if you have one. Word Doc, not PDF, please.

A short info video  (2-5 minutes long) on your what you do. (Not another interview ) if you have one.


Also Your Social media and company links.


A Zoom link will be sent out for the interview once details and payment are in. 

Your information needs to be in a week to 4 days prior to the interview with full payment.

Please find a quiet spot to do your interview and with a strong wifi connection, for the video, please make sure your background is pleasing and the lighting strong enough to see you clearly.

Headphones and mic always work best if you have them.

We air you here on Self Discovery Radio TV blog and Soundcloud because it is easy to find a show. Google play  and Podbean for convenience and audio or video on our Youtube.   

 We do not charge our audience as we believe your wisdom should be free to them just like a library, so we ask for an Administrative fee  of $45.00 US dollars  an interview to cover the production costs, this gives you your own blog posting with the audio (video) in it with all your details, pictures, links, a short promo video, show content details and the audio is on SoundCloud and Google Play Podbean and on our YouTube. You feature for a week on our ON AIR  page then go to genres shows library. 

A support of  $45.00 USD admin fee or a donation of your choice. Thank you for your support we appreciate your appreciation. 

All payments and Donations are done through


Please send information to  

podcast line up


Do you wish to become a host or Show-Case an event or book? 

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