18-45 Wedding Bliss of a Proud Mama

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air Nov 6th

Well it finally happened, a daughter got married and to someone I totally respect. 

When my daughter called me up on December 17th/17 to say she was engaged I was ecstatic, not only did I approve of the groom, but so happy with the way he loved her and made my daughter feel. Now the excitement of all the wedding plans.

They had their wedding in hand and so I planned an engagement party where we could just focus on them and have informal fun. My son Tyler hosted it at his restaurant Humble Roots Cafe, and we had fabulous food, fun and laughter with friends and family.

Next to come was her wedding shower and her stagette party, which we had to do on the same day as my other daughter Tabytha was coming in from Toronto. It was hosted by my dearest friend Jan Berney and we made the bride to be dress up in an 80’s bride outfit which she looked fabulous in. Everyone else dressed 80’s and it was fun. Food provided by Tyler again and a beautiful vegan cake made by Tyler’s girlfriend Rebecca.

 After the shower, is was out for dinner where the bridesmaids then swept her of for more fun, drinks and games. They has a great time and all the planning that went into it showed me how much they all carried for my girl.

Pre Wedding Halloween event.

Wedding time; it started of with a Halloween party the night before at a huge house they rented on Vancouver Island. With fabulous costumes mine been a Leopardess, Tyler Unibrow unicorn, Tasha Miss Piggy he bo Rob Kermit, Tabytha a squid and rebecca a rabbit, we were rocking it. Then came the singing and some letting loose voice and all and was so much fun.

Wedding Day October 27th 2018. Bride and Mama 

To the Wedding day; Bride stayed over with Mama and all the bridesmaids came over to our wonderful cabin to get their hair and makeup done. My bestie Jan was there, having her 2 daughters as bridesmaids and to give me support, as well as a friend Leah of Tashas.

Brother, Sister and Bro Girlfriend of the Bride


Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen 


Rain Rain Go Away. It bucketed, but stopped enough to get her down the aisle say her vows before open up the sky’s again. Tasha’s father Tony and I both walked her down the aisle, a precious moment. I then did what most Mums would like to do, filled the vows. My daughter once she took her grooms hands started to cry and there was a funny exchange of handkerchiefs during the vows, topped on with the groom Rob, saying “with this wing”, ha ha, he won’t live that down anytime soon, lol.


Then they were married and the joy rang out to see these two wonderful people come together to happy.

THE VOW taking was outside under a canopy and is was getting cold, because we could not go to the main menu until it was time. The bride groom and wedding party were in the pouring rain getting photos done, they say rain on your wedding day brings luck, I say they got an abundant amount of it.

We then went for an excellent vegan dinner, followed by speeches, (yes I did one) then on to the dance floor and cake cutting. We danced for hours, everyone on the floor letting their hair down and having fun. Rob’s parent and Aunts danced the night way as did Tasha’s Dad and my friend Jan and I, it was so much fun. Tasha came up to me dancing away so happy and said “its my —— day” and you could see the joy exude of her.

Then for me and Rebecca it was time to go home, everyone else went back to the wedding house to party away, but we had puppies to go home to and rest our weary feet.

The party continued the next day, with more singing, good food cooked by Tyler and board games. The next day it was just family and Robs close friend at our cabin on the beautiful lake, where we relaxed, played games and ate well with Tylers excellent vegan lasagna. I am so happy we had that time together for the next day we all dispersed, Tabytha home to Toronto, Tyler Becca to the mainland, Rob and Tasha home to cats and moi to my humble abode here in Victoria, it was over, but will never be forgotten.

I have waited 64 years for this moment, and at last it has happened. I am still letting the joy of it penetrate deep into my psych and let the joy of it all envelope me.



Now to the next 2 children….hint hint.



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