Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Lynnis Woods-Mullins host of The Wellness Journey show and Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond Magazine

lynnisLynnis Woods-Mullins, CHC,CPI,CLC is founder and CEO of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness and Wellness Woman 40.  At the age of 51 Lynnis decided that after twenty-five years in the field of Human Resources as professional and Manager it was time to make a change. In 2009, Lynnis made a decision to pursue her true calling which is a holistic education, “I wanted to pursue my true calling of educating women on how to achieve total wellness of the mind, body and spirit through holistic practices and fitness”

After almost 10 years in the business of creating products, services and programs for Women over40, Lynnis is feeling even more energized and excited about what her brand Wellness Woman 40 is doing to motivate and inspire women to show up in their lives and live a thriving and well life on their own terms while working toward wellness for their mind, body and spirit.    With a following of over 175,000 on social media, Lynnis has created messages of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to help women through some of the rough parts of mid-life.  Lynnis’s e-magazine, video show, podcast series, workshops, speaking engagements, and online programs all are to create to help women over 40 live a life that is well and thriving.

Lynnis is the founder and Editor of Chief of the e-magazine “Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond”, Co-Producer and Host of “The Wellness Woman Show”, “The Wellness Journey” and the new “DeStress The Mess – Motivational Minutes:  She is the author of the ebook “DeStress The Mess, Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Your Body, Maximize The Joy” and created Wellness Woman Holistic Living Academy that offers classes abundance, stress and anxiety reduction.   In addition, Lynnis has also produced a low impact Praise Dance Fitness DVD, and a holistic stress reduction program DeStress The Mess.   Lynnis is also a featured columnist for the popular e-magazine Women’s Voices, is a regular contributor wellness expert on CureJoy, a regular blogger on Post40Blogger, and a regular columnist for the Empowerment Series of the Sacramento Observer 

Lynnis has been featured in several publications, television, and radio programs nationally and internationally. Lynnis has received recognition for her work in the area of Health and Wellness.  She was nominated for the national award of Community Activism for Health by WEGO for her work in education of women over 40 about wellness.  Lynnis has been awarded the Extraordinary Woman Award by Sac Culture Hub and is a charter member of Sacramento Women’s Chamber.  She recently received the OWLY Visionary Award from the National Women’s Association for Business.  Lynnis resides in Sacramento, California and has four beautiful adult daughters, three grandchildren, and is happily married. 





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This amazing woman Lynnis Woods-Mullins has done it again, come and see her magazine for women of 40 plus, but heck, for all women wanting to live a healthy prosperous and vibrant life.