Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate. But chocolate can be as good for you as it can be bad for you. Know the difference before you start to indulge. Note: I wrote a book about Chocolate called: Chocolate: the bad, the mediocre and the awesome on . Chocolate is a phenomenal food that has … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Chocolate

C16/25b ‘Shamanic Chocolate’ guilt and sugar free

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest John Troy. Aired June 21st-27th My name is John Troy. Some of my friends nicknamed me "Wizard" many years ago. I use it as a trade name, too.  I am the formulator of Macalat. I am a native of and still live in North Carolina with my wife … Continue reading C16/25b ‘Shamanic Chocolate’ guilt and sugar free